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CONGRATULATIONS TO THE AP CALCULUS CLASS 2013-14 (William Crow, Jimmy Dovel, Gus Hinson, Jake Johnson, Taylor Spence, and Benny Updike)!!!!! ALL STUDENTS RECEIVED A 5 ON THE AP CALCULUS EXAM!!!!!!

An Online High School Mathematics Curriculum with Directed Intensive Practice Using Videos and Downloadable Exercises (Courses are Located at the Bottom of This Page)

While originally this site was developed with my math students at Garden Valley High School, Garden Valley, Idaho in mind I believe it will offer value to home school parents and students, and students who want to take a distance learning course that is not just a textbook that has been printed online with some questions. I have worked hard to introduce topics with an instructional video, followed by sets of practice exercises. The first set of exercises is accompanied by an instructional video and the second set of exercises is to be worked without a video. Some topics have additional practice sets. Answers or a worked out answer key are provided. For students taking my classes a competency review of the subject is then given followed by a competency test(s) where the student is not done until at least a 70% mastery is achieved.

This summer (2014) I am adding a short course in preparing for our new Algebra 1 Entrance Exam. This exam covers basic mathematics necessary to be successful in the high school curriculum. The topics are all presented in lessons which include worksheets and videos.

I have added a new course Introduction to Calc with Physics. It is not yet complete but is getting there. Currently I have posted limits and material on differentiation including differentiation of parametric equations and vectors. This course is designed as a survey that hits all the topics necessary to immediately use calculus in an intro College Physics class. There is no password on this course at this time so the public is welcome to use it. I ask that if you do use it you email comments to me at h@wolverinemath.com.

My AP Calculus AB page is about 85% built out at this time. It is a complete Calculus 1 course with special emphasis on preparation for the AP Calculus AB Exam. It consists of instructional videos and accompanying exercise worksheets.

 My one semester trig class is complete though I will be adding a section on the Laws of Sines and Cosines which I do not cover in the summer school version of the class. If interested in taking this class online email me at h@wolverinemath.com and I can discuss details. There will be additional topics posted as time goes on especially in the applications of trig section.

The other courses have posted topics but are incomplete at this time. Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 are nearing completion.

I teach the entire math curriculum at GVHS. I teach Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Precalculus, and Calculus I (AP Calculus AB), and occasionally AP Calculus BC. If you want to see my track record in the classroom itself one measure is at our "varsity" level in AP Calculus. Go here.


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